About Us

We are a typical couple who lived in a very well-known area of the country for several decades. We came to a point, like many, where we knew we needed to move. Our conversation in mid-2019 went like this:

“We’ve GOT to move! I really think it’s time to make a change,” my wife said.

“I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had it with the cost, the weather, the traffic…,” I replied.

We looked at each other, relieved that we had agreement. We’re gonna do this!

I asked, “Where do you want to move?”

She replied, “I don’t know…but I’ll tell you what I don’t want…”

Being a data-driven technologist, I created a spreadsheet of a variety of factors. I asked questions designed to target factors important to us both, and went searching for the supporting data: median home price, cost of living, average temperature/climate, access to medical services, tax rates, etc. I sourced the data from the latest available government databases and non-profit resources.

We prioritized the factors together and I built a weighted formula (some factors were far more important than others), and out popped our answer – the state with the highest weighted score where we ended up moving a mere 38 days later. In our case, we were highly motivated to make a change.

In the two years since that conversation & move we’ve seen an increasing migration of people from high risk / high cost areas than ever before. We’ve all witnessed weather events and conditions that say that climate change is already upon us. We’ve seen the real need for relevant and up-to-date data that should inform life-changing decisions.

We’ve had many, many people ask us about our story and for the original version of our spreadsheet. With each passing request we’ve become more convinced that nothing like it exists and that it fills a real need in the world.

Thus was born Where Can I Move Now? which we believe is uniquely and impartially suited to help you navigate the moving process.

We’re not trying to sell homes. We’re not trying to sell moving supplies. We’re not owned by a real estate company. What we are doing is using our personal, positive experience to help you become aware of the move-related factors that you should consider. With the help of Where Can I Move Now?, we take guessing off the table and show relevant, current data with personalized preferences to give you the best life and move choices possible!

Keith & Joyce Dale, September 2021

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